Pete and Chris

Roseville, CA

My husband and I joined CrossFit Echelon about 7 months ago.  Completely bored with exercise, I was looking for something new. Having a pretty stressful desk job, I knew I needed to do something before I reached the point of no return.  I heard and read about CrossFit and I was interested.  I tried another local CrossFit, and although I liked it, I felt a little intimidated by the whole thing.  Not wanting to give up, I found CrossFit Echelon.  I noticed they had classes for beginners, which was appealing to me.  I went in for my assessment with Adam and right away I felt comfortable.  I talked my husband into going too.  He also has a desk job, but began biking about a year ago.  But, since he was training for a 60 mile ride, he thought it would be good preparation for him.

We now go a couple times a week together.  We regularly compare our sore muscles, but continue to motivate each other to keep going.  Adam and Mark are great trainers.  They push you and encourage you to reach your limit.  But, they also listen and advise when you are challenged or are struggling. We both highly recommend CrossFit Echelon.  It is challenging, always different and, weird to say, fun.  One day you are running, doing box jumps, dead lifts and pushups, and another day you will find yourself doing burpees, carrying 5 gallon water jugs, and doing lunges on Sunset Blvd.  You just never know what you are going to get.