Michelle L.

Rocklin, CA

First of all I get to brag a bit…I have lost 64.7 lbs in the five months I have been training with Adam at CrossFit Echelon.  There weren’t any crazy food restrictions, just lean meats and vegetables, some fruits and nuts.  Training exclusively with Mark and Adam at CrossFit Echelon has given me the massive transformation I couldn’t believe.  I have finally found a way to eat good-for-me foods and its sustainable long term.  For the first time I am enjoying the lake, family hikes, and even clothes shopping.  My kids are begging me to go CrossFit Echelon with Adam now too!  I am so happy that all 3 of them have embraced a more natural way of eating with far more vegetable and snack choices.  We have all been dramatically affected by CrossFit Echelon and how Adam delivers his workouts.