Greg and Sapphira

Rocklin, CA

We’ve known each other 14 years, just celebrated ten years of marriage and have two kids.  During this time, fitness was a word in the dictionary and our friends were crazy for running miles and miles and participating in events that required lots of endurance while you ran through obstacles and mud.  We had gym membership through Greg’s employer.  Needless to say, Greg never used it.  (not even once).  I used the treadmill  and eventually joined a boot camp through the gym and started to lump herself into that “crazy” category.

I was the first to join CrossFit was immediately hooked.  My husband watched as I would come home talking about the “WOD” with complete excitement.  He had never seen anyone so excited to put their body through what seemed like a strenuous workout.  But as Greg started to see the changes in my body he decided to try something that the two of us could do together.

Greg had never worked out a day in the entire 14 years we have been together so his first day of CrossFit was anything but a walk in the park.  With Adam and Mark’s coaching, he was willing to go back… well, once the soreness wore off a little.  The exhilaration of the sense of accomplishment, the burst of energy to get him through the day, the ability to do things he never thought possible and the change his body as well as losing the spare tire he never thought he could get rid of was more than enough motivation for my husband to sign up to go to CrossFit Echelon twice a week.

At that point, Sapphira was going three times a week but quickly wanted the freedom to workout as often as possible for a myriad of reasons including the one hour to do something for herself.  Its tough to find time for a stay at home mom but I choose CrossFit to be “my” time.

Both of us started out with still very little self confidence especially when it came to physical fitness and in different ways.  It wasn’t something that you discussed in your pre-martial counseling or even during our ten years of marriage.  But thanks to CrossFit, we are both crushing goals and doing things we never thought were possible. We can do all this only because of the great community we work out in.  The people that we work out with are amazing in their encouragement and spirit.  Although we are all competitive in our own right, it’s never about ego but doing the best you can do and how we can motivate each other to give our best.

As I said earlier, Greg had never worked out before and the concept of CrossFit was extremely intimidating to both of us, so it is a testament to both Adam and Mark’s coaching ability that we remain faithfully dedicated.  Both are encouraging yet strict and gifted in the way they see your potential beyond what you realize yourself.

We look forward to continuing on this journey with a group of amazing people.  Greg hopes to get in more and our whole family including the 5 and 4 year old hope that maybe Echelon will start a kids program!