Dave Y.

Rocklin, CA

It was my new year’s resolution. Like many others my resolution was to lose weight and become a healthier person and to do this I needed to exercise and diet.  So I decided to try Crossfit Echelon where I shortly discovered this was not going to be your typical exercise program.  This form of exercise was different from what I was used to doing at your typical big conglomerate gym.  In the past I have tried many forms of exercise including the barrage of classes the big gym offered and always the same ho hum results.  Finally CrossFit Echelon gave me a whole new meaning of fitness and intensity level my body was hungry for.  From Adam and Mark’s coaching I was taken to whole new level of endurance, feats of strength and mental toughness that I did not think I had in me.  I found both Adam and Mark to be excellent coaches in the techniques and principles of CrossFit but that did not stop there.  They taught me CrossFit is not just exercise but it is a lifestyle that encompasses a proper nutrition program called Paleo.  With Paleo, I never counted calories and I ate more of the good stuff which included eating meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  With this new lifestyle change I lost 30lbs, three inches around my waist and I gained more muscle than I can remember ever having in a short six months. I feel better, I have more energy for everyday activities and I look better.   In short I look forward to every new workout of the day Adam and Mark has challenged me with and I enjoy a great deal of the camaraderie from my fellow Crossfitters.  CrossFit was a new beginning for me as this is a lifestyle change that I will continue for as long as I can walk. A big thanks to what I like to call my lifestyle Coaches Mark, Adam, and all the Crossfit friends from Crossfit Echelon for helping me reach current and future goals.