Clem W.

Roseville, CA

I am the father of two active young boys and a former gym rat.  I realize now that I don’t need to do any more than what Adam and Mark prescribe as my workout for the day at CrossFit Echelon. The struggle to build muscle and to trim down has always been difficult because of the needless hours per week on the boring cardio machines.  Well, not anymore.  CrossFit Echelon retrained me on how so now I regularly hit 2 run, & 3 mile runs combined with as much fast paced weight training.  I can workout in an hour then, afterwards, I coach their baseball and football practices.  The results have happened in such a short period of time (0 lbs net loss but 9 lbs of muscle gain and 9 lbs of fat loss).  Needless to say, I haven’t felt this good since I was in college.  I owe most of it to the guys at CrossFit Echelon because they returned the true value of health and fitness.