Consultation and Introduction to Echelon

The Baseline Fitness Exam and Assessment

During your complimentary session, we will need to establish a baseline to determine your fitness level.

In order to maintain consistency throughout our members, we have found the best way to properly determine your fitness level is to have you complete a baseline fitness exam.

You are probably wondering what this consists of, what you can do to prepare or if you have to “get in shape” before even going to a complimentary session!  DO NOT WORRY!  This is a standardized WOD (Workout of the Day) that we use to establish your current fitness ability – no matter what it is.  As coaches, we are trained and skilled to assess your fitness level and be able to modify and scale any portion of this assessment; that way every WOD (Workout of the Day) will be challenging and allow you to complete it.  The fitness journey should be challenging but at the same time give you a sense of accomplishment, not leave you completely deflated and not want to come back.   We will continuously retest the same WOD so that both you and the coaches can accurately track and quantify your progress!


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