Why we created CFE

I.            Identity: Who we are as Coaches!

We exist as a driving force in the redemption of the fitness industry in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln and the surrounding areas.  The difference between CrossFit Echelon and other CrossFit boxes is that we cater to the non-CrossFitters, while still training some of the top athletes in the area. We were personal trainers before we were CrossFit coaches so we have an empathetic understanding of setting goals and plans to accomplish them and stick with them.  We understand your body and its functional design which is the basis of our CrossFit workouts. EVERY workout can be scaled to meet the fitness level of ANY participant no matter the age, gender or skill level.

II.            Value: What we want you to receive!

We are fathers, mothers, teachers, students, and public servants first.  Simply put: we want to become better at what we do in everyday life so that we may live that life to the fullest.  Your increased physical ability will let you outlast your kids on the playground, keep up with the twenty-something’s, and enjoy the physical conditioning of your body, instead of slaving over it.  The desire to become better today than we were yesterday is our common bond and is absolutely paramount in our CrossFit facility.

III.            Execution: How you are going to get there!

Because we come in every shape, size and ability level, we solely implement a functional fitness program which emphasizes intensity rather than isolation. Our leaner, stronger bodies are achieved primarily through the CrossFit principles: constantly varied, high intensity movements. So… in essence your body becomes the machine.

We spend an hour a day, several times per week, exploring all of the techniques that the Globo-Gyms are too afraid to let you do (i.e. Kettlebells, Plyometrics, gymnastic-styled movements, Olympic Lifts and training in the sunlight).

IV.            Bottomline: We have the tools!  Do you have the desire?

At our School of Elite Fitness, you will encounter a vehicle to increase your ability level beyond what you thought was possible, as long as you are willing to put forth the effort.  We give you the tools and ask that you give us 100% of what you have on that day. To be honest, there will be times during our workouts when you will hate us! But we will guarantee you will thank us when you are done as you slide into the pre-baby jeans, look at your toned body, watch the fat melt away, or find yourself stronger than you were in high school or college.